Nooksack Valley High School


Nooksack Valley High School is an existing single story, 148,984 sq. ft., facility. Initial construction started in the 1950's and the most recent addition/renovation was in the early 2000's.

This project will include 27,200 sq. ft. of demolition, 27,200 sq. ft. of new construction, and 30,049 sq. ft. of renovation.

New construction will include a 1,316 sq. ft. greenhouse and additions of a 8,363 sq. ft. Fitness Center, 9,963 sq. ft. of Administration, and 1,597 sq. ft. of CTE storage. There will also be renovation of the guest parking and bus drop off area at the southwest corner of the site, and a new staff parking area at the northeast corner of the site where existing buildings have been removed.